Welcome to our new website. Click here for more info

Welcome to our New Website


Welcome to the new LEGO® Certified Store (Bricks World) website. Here you can:

• find product information
• check out what’s hot
• stay informed on new releases and other market activity
• become a member
• find out what’s on where, in our stores
• buy products for yourself and others

For security purposes, you will need to activate your on-line account to access it when using this website for the first time.  If you already have an on-line account, please do not create a new one, instead click on Account and follow the instructions.

We hope you find the new site easy to use. If you have any feedback, good or bad, please use the contact form here and we will do our best to incorporate it in the near future.

Below are some key FAQ's

Bricks World Storemaster



I have Membership from in store, do I qualify for Membership discount online?
Yes, use the email address you signed up with on your Membership joining form – you will need to request for a password reset. Check your personal details are correct and off you go. Please note that it takes up to 7-10 days to process a new membership for on-line use.

I can't remember what email address that I used to sign up as a Member?
PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT - instead use the contact form to contact us. Please state clearly your Name , Membership Number, NRIC Number and whether you want to retrieve your email address, or you can provide us your new registered email address. We will verify and contact you via email.  If you are a member and you create a new account your purchases will not qualify for the Members discounts - we reserve the right to charge an administration fee of $10 to refund you and reconfigure your account to a member account.  So please contact us in advance!

Can I view my orders from the old Bricks World online store?
Sorry this is not possible due to the very different infrastructure we have now. 

 Why do you need NRIC (or passport) for Membership registration?

We are slowly migrating away from using Membership Cards. This is for the convenience of customers as Membership Cards are often misplaced / lost over time. We treat your data confidentially - you can find out more by reading our Privacy & Security policy.

Do I need to request for membership renewal if I have spent more than the minimum purchase to qualify for renewal?
At the end of the validity period of your membership, we will automatically calculate your purchases and if they total more than S$300 your membership will be extended by 3 years automatically - but this is on the condition of having your NRIC (or passport) as Membership Card numbers will lapse over time. We will be requesting walk in customers to provide us with updated Membership details over the next 3 years to help with a smooth migration.

What Happened to my Golden Bricks from the Old Bricks World Online Store?

The old store will be sadly missed, however your Golden Bricks will not - we transferred the same monetary value and credited your account accordingly. Please note that $1 spend earns 1 Golden Brick and 500 Golden Bricks can be redeemed for a $5 discount. 

Do Golden Bricks work the same as before?
While similar there are some differences. The most notable are that Golden Bricks expire after 1 year of inactivity however you can now accrue Golden Bricks on the same purchases you redeem Golden Bricks.