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1189429 LEGO Star Wars In 100 Scenes

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Imprint: Dorling Kindersley. Publish Date: 01 Apr 2015. Pages: 216 Hardback

The complete Star Wars saga retold in LEGO bricks. This fun LEGO Star Wars book retells the six Star Wars films in 100 iconic scenes using LEGO Star Wars sets and minifigures. Relive the amazing Star Wars adventure in miniature form with this humorous retelling of the LEGO Star Wars complete saga. Read fascinating LEGO Star Wars facts and behind-the-scenes information about the Star Wars films and rediscover your favourite LEGO Star Wars minifigures, such as the LEGO Darth Vader and LEGO Luke Skywalker, and LEGO Star Wars sets as part of the epic Star Wars story.

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